Melissa Denena brings more than 20 years of experience wearing many different hats within the realm of the environmental consulting and operating field. In recent years, she has been solely focused on mitigation/conservation banking and turnkey or PRM solutions. Melissa brings a unique understanding of the entire life of a mitigation project, including the real estate side of the equation, which means she can review a project’s mitigation needs and consult on the right location or avenue the client should take.

She applies her technical foundation and experience throughout the United States in wetland delineations, environmental impact assessments, regulatory permitting, and agency consultations, to develop and implement habitat restoration, enhancement, preservation, and adaptive management plans, and brings a wealth of experience in the technical design and real estate aspects of establishing conservation lands, both for voluntary and compensatory mitigation purposes.

Projects she leads entail planning the mitigation from start to finish which involves working closely with her clients, analyzing the mitigation solution options, scoping the chosen solution, and securing the various pieces of the solution from land, surveys, documentation, permits, restoration, easements, etc.  She also has direct experience leading major private and public mitigation and restoration opportunities for key clients in California and the Northwest.