As project director and one of ESA’s senior restoration designers, Jorgen contributes to a broad range of projects in which applies his extensive experience in the integration of geomorphology, design engineering, biotechnical and habitat design, riparian ecosystems, tested construction methods, and regulatory considerations. He pairs his technical and design background with an emphasis on clear communication, effective project management, and sound decision-making to support practical project design and implementation. With more than 23 years of environmental engineering and landscape architecture leadership experience, Jorgen supports complex, multi-objective restoration and enhancement projects from planning and design through construction and monitoring. His team’s trusted working relationships with regulatory agency staff throughout Northern California feed into collaborative, efficient, and predictable project permitting efforts.

Throughout his career, he has facilitated effective, proactive, and engaging stakeholder outreach and coordination, resulting in projects that are responsive to and accepted by communities and stakeholder groups and, as importantly, that function to enhance and support more resilient natural ecosystems. When not in the field or meeting with project teams, Jorgen can be found presenting technical posters and papers related to ESA’s river restoration practice.

Jorgen has a Master in Landscape Architecture with an emphasis on Watershed Restoration from Harvard University, and Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.