As the Watersheds & Rivers Team Manager for the Northern California Environmental Hydrology & Design practice, Jason has led numerous challenging multi-objective stream restoration projects of various scales and conditions which often balance ecological and societal needs, from initial assessment through final design and construction.

Jason has experience specializing in stream restoration design and management. His technical expertise includes hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, salmonid habitat, fish passage, natural flood conveyance, and riparian ecology on streams in Northern California. He applies his passion for creeks and rivers to developing innovative restoration design approaches based in natural hydrologic and geomorphic processes.

Jason leads a team that provides the full spectrum of stream restoration planning from high-level watershed assessments and enhancement plans to site-specific design, technical analyses, permitting and environmental compliance support, construction documents, and construction oversight.

Jason holds a Master of Science in hydrologic sciences and a Bachelor of Science in hydrology both from the University of California, Davis.