James has led wide range of California coastal projects in the development of sea level rise vulnerability assessments, and is adept at communicating the associated technical subjects to a wide audience.

One of his most notable projects includes working with the Marin County Community Development Agency on the Stinson Beach Nature-Based Adaptation Feasibility Study. As project manager, James led the technical analysis to determine the potential for nature-based strategies to reduce coastal erosion and flooding vulnerabilities of private and public development, while also maintaining the ecological and recreational value of the beach.

Other coastal adaptation projects include the Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project, City of Malibu Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, and the Marin County Coastal Hazard Modeling and Adaptation Assessment with funds from the Local Coastal Programs’ (LCP) Grant Program. Additionally, James has conducted sea-level rise adaptation analyses that include traditional and nature-based measures throughout the state, namely, Pacifica LCP Update and The Nature Conservancy’s Coastal Resilience Project (Monterey and Ventura Counties), and Climate Ready Southern Monterey Bay projects.