James is an environmental engineer and hydrologist with a background in water quality, flood management, climate change analysis, and hydraulic and hydrologic modeling. He earned his Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on groundwater hydrology, advanced fluid mechanics, applied stream ecology, aqueous geochemistry, and environmental physical and chemical processes.

As part of ESA’s Fluvial Team, James focuses on managing projects while conducting and overseeing hydraulic and hydrologic modeling for a wide range of applications including flood management, river restoration, and climate change vulnerability assessments.

James has conducted several studies analyzing the impact of climate change on watershed hydrology and the vulnerability of natural systems and infrastructure to flood risk under future climate conditions. He has developed and calibrated single- and multi-dimensional hydrodynamic models to evaluate flood dynamics and project alternative performance for riverine and estuarine environments.

James has been a licensed professional civil engineer in the State of California since 2012.