Isaac is a licensed landscape architect with 9 years of experience designing ecologically-robust habitats and cultural landscapes. Isaac applies his strengths in conceptual design, construction documentation, project management, and construction administration to the design and agency approval of tidal wetland, seasonal wetland, riparian, woodland, sand dune, levee, park, and trail projects as a designer and project manager at ESA. He excels at combining elegant site layout with native plant palettes and leading-edge irrigation technology to create beautiful, buildable, and water-conserving habitat restoration and park projects.

Isaac holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley, where he developed strategies for repurposing single-purpose trapezoidal aqueducts and flood control channels as multi-purpose infrastructural, recreational, wildlife, and groundwater recharge corridors. Prior to ESA, Isaac served as a project manager and landscape architect for habitat restoration, mitigation bank, park, school, and corporate campus projects in coastal California and the Central Valley.