ESA is pleased to sponsor, present, and exhibit at the 2023 Headwaters to Ocean (H2O) Conference in Ventura, California from November 29 – 30, hosted by the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association (CSBPA) and the Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment (BEACON). ESA will be leading a guided tour of the Surfer’s Point Managed Shoreline Retreat Project with participants from BEACON, City of Ventura, Surfrider Foundation, Coastal Restoration Consultants, and the CSU Channel Islands. And catch ESA’s coastal management experts at our scheduled panels and technical sessions, where we will share about our work in coastal flooding, sea-level rise resilience, adaptation planning, and beach and lagoon restoration.

ESA’s team of coastal management specialists will be attending the conference this year and we look forward to connecting with you.

Bob Battalio, PE

Senior Engineer

Dane Behrens, PhD, PE

Coastal Engineer and Hydrologist

Nicholas Garrity, PE

Environmental Hydrology and Design Director

Amber Inggs, PE


Louis White, PE

Coastal Engineer

James Jackson, PE

Civil/Coastal Engineer, Hydrologist

Find us at the exhibitor’s hall at the conference venue, located in the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach, at 450 E Harbor Blvd, Ventura CA, 93001.

We’ll be presenting at the following events, panels, and technical sessions:


Guided Field Trip of Surfers Point
Tuesday, November 28
Tour guides: Bob Battalio and Louis White

Bob and Louis will be your guides to talk about the Surfer’s Point project, highlighting key improvements to restore this popular recreation destination. Under contract with the City of Ventura, ESA designed the project’s waterside improvements, which included setting back an eroded bike path by about 80 feet and restoring a cobble berm and sand dune backshore. The tour will explore the completed Phase 1 of the project constructed in 2010-2011, and discuss Phase 2, set to begin construction in 2024.


Surfers Point Panel
Wednesday, November 29 | 9:30 – 10:45 am
ESA Panelist: Bob Battalio

The Surfers Point Project is an example of nature-based coastal restoration and coastal adaptation. Phase 1 of the Project has been cited as a model for such efforts elsewhere. Multiple panel members discuss several important aspects of the Surfers Point Project, including coastal politics, policy, and management; project design and engineering; community participation and involvement; physical and ecological performance; and monitoring and stewardship of the project. Several ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Lessons Learned’ will be discussed based on more than ten years experience with the initial project Phase. Currently, after much time and planning, completion of Phase 2 of the project is planned for 2024.


BEACON Regional Coastal Adaptation Monitoring Program for the Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties
Wednesday, November 29 | 9:30 – 9:45 am
Speaker: Nick Garrity

Loma Alta Slough Wetlands Enhancement Project, Oceanside CA
Wednesday, November 29 | 10:00 – 10:15 am
Speaker: James Jackson

Ormond Beach Restoration and Public Access Project: A Rare Restoration Opportunity
Wednesday, November 29 | 10:15 – 10:30 am
Speaker: Amber Inggs

The Role and Implication of Wave Setup in Coastal Flooding Processes
Wednesday, November 29 | 1:30 – 1:45 pm
Speaker: Louis White

Potential Responses of California Coastal Lagoons to Sea-Level Rise
Wednesday, November 29 | 3:30 – 3:45 pm
Speaker: Dane Behrens