Adrienne Centano

As ESA’s Director of Communications, Adrienne provides leadership and guidance for all corporate external and internal communications.

With two decades of experience in marketing and communications, Adrienne is well-versed in developing and implementing strategic marketing plans that build brand awareness and drive revenue growth. Her experience in website development, email messaging, social media strategy, public relations, and presentation development have made her a key member of our strategic leadership team as we continually strive to share our work and meaningfully connect with our clients and employee-owners.

As part of her role, she works closely with the Technology team to launch new tools to help our clients bring more public awareness for their projects, and has been co-leading the effort to provide virtual public meeting services for our clients. In this capacity, she has served as meeting moderator, coaching and enabling panelists to present with confidence, while she interacts with participants through the software platform.

She holds a B.A. in Communications and a Certificate in Visual Web Design from the University of Washington.