Susan is the Program Manager for ESA’s Biological Resource Program in Orlando, Florida. She has more than 20 years of ecological experience in local, state, and federal environmental issues including wetland delineation and permitting; NEPA assistance; listed species surveys, permitting and relocations; listed species habitat enhancements and monitoring; impact/mitigation assessments; noxious fauna and flora species management; consumptive and water use permitting, monitoring and evaluations; land management for natural areas; and wetland/watershed enhancement and creation.

Susan has served as lead biologist for several airport projects providing Biological Assessments (BA), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Categorical Exclusions (CatEx). In addition, she has provided permitting services and implementations of Habitat Management Plans for the Florida scrub jay, Audubon’s crested caracara, and the Florida sand skink populations. Susan has also utilized her Limnology background for many large public water quality and restoration projects involving both watershed management and reuse discharges.