With over 30 years of experience, Jon’s consulting career has focused on environmental compliance during construction and translating environmental law into on-the-ground solutions. He is skilled at working through cross disciplinary constraints, especially where success requires a solid understanding of engineering and construction, as well as biology, cultural resources, and the regulatory environment. He addresses projects that relate to land use planning and land management decisions, specifically within the NEPA framework. His diverse background as a biologist, botanist, and fire ecologist gives him unique insight into land management policy and implementation. He has experience planning at the project, watershed, and landscape levels, and understands how scale relates to the process of analysis.

Jon has worked at every level of the implementation phase of environmental compliance – from being a field monitor, to overseeing large programs with multiple projects, to developing compliance programs and recordkeeping for several agencies, including the California Department of Water Resources, California High Speed Rail Authority, and Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water). He successfully led the compliance tasks for the Oroville Spillways Emergency Response and California High Speed Train and is currently managing the Anderson Dam Tunnel Project for Valley Water. Prior to ESA, Jon was Program Environmental Compliance Manager for the entire California High Speed Rail program, as part of the Rail Delivery Partners, where he designed and implemented environmental compliance policies and reporting structure, including development of a web-based compliance tracking database.