As vice president, chief engineer, and leader of ESA’s Environmental Hydrology Coastal Zone Engineering & Management team, Bob oversees the firm’s engineering services in flood management, restoration design, and coastal engineering. A licensed civil engineer in four states and with several pioneering projects under his belt, Bob has lead our team as they plan and implement multi-objective projects to restore and enhance natural systems.

Bob has dedicated his career of 30 years to coastal and estuarine engineering, wetland and creek restoration design, and waterfront civil engineering projects throughout the U.S. He has addressed erosion and flooding hazards in numerous locations in California, Washington, and Oregon, including shoreline mapping, sand budgets, wave and runup studies, design of hard and soft erosion protection, and design of shoreline retreat and realignment. He was integral to pioneering projects such as the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s 1990 San Francisco Bay sea level rise study; effects of coastal sand mining in southern Monterey Bay; FEMA’s 2005 Pacific Coast Flood Hazard Mapping Guidelines; and coastal erosion response to sea level rise for Pacific Institute and the California Ocean Protection Council (2009).

Bob holds a Master of Engineering in Civil / Coastal Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, and Louisiana. Bob is currently a member of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s Engineering Criteria Review Board. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers; Northern California vice president and prior president of the California Shore and Beach Preservation Association; member of The Surfrider Foundation; and former president of the California Marine Parks and Harbors Association.