Environmental Review & Documentation

When the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) into law on January 1, 1970, by then-President Nixon, it was the first national law that encouraged balance and harmony between man and the environment.

Shortly thereafter, California and Washington enacted supplemental laws―the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA 1970) and Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA 1971). The result is a powerful permitting and environmental assessment process.

ESA was founded with the mission to provide environmental consulting services to help clients respond to the then-nascent permitting process. Since then, our scientists and technical specialists have provided critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and enduring solutions.

Our clients’ challenges come in all forms—from needing to resolve complex public issues such as regional water quality or coastal erosion, to local noise and air quality. Our experts deliver a full range of analyses, from focused studies to complex multi-year models.

Our ability to effectively communicate complex technical analyses is key to our success, and a talent both appreciated and valued by our clients. We are experts at presenting complex concepts in terms that everyone can understand.

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