SF Estuary Partnership Features the Sonoma Creek Marsh Enhancement

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership’s (SFEP) March 2016 Newsletter features the Sonoma Creek Marsh Enhancement Project on Page 9 in an article entitled “Skeeters Undone.” Read the full article here on the SFEP website under News or you can download the newsletter here.

The Sonoma Creek Marsh Enhancement Project will reduce mosquito production and improve habitat conditions for special status species for roughly 260 acres of centennial marsh located near the mouth of Sonoma Creek and San Pablo Bay in Sonoma County California.

In order to improve tidal exchange and facilitate drainage, which reduces conditions supportive of mosquito production, the project included the creation of a new tidal channel though a depressed basin near the center of the marsh, Material excavated to create the channel was used to create marsh mounds adjacent to the channel, providing high marsh refuge for marsh wildlife such as the salt marsh harvest mouse and California Ridgeway Rail. Excavated material also used created a habitat transition ramp for marsh species during high tide events, and sea level rise accommodation. The transitional habitat is between the marsh and the existing Tubbs Island perimeter levee. ESA prepared the construction plans, specifications and supported permit acquisition for the Sonoma Creek Marsh Enhancement Project. ESA also provided observation and engineering support during project construction.

The project was developed in collaboration between the Marin-Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and Audubon, California.

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