ESA Releases its Inaugural Sustainability Report

ESA celebrated Earth Day 2012 by releasing its first bi-annual sustainability report. The 50-page document highlights the firm’s progress toward being a sustainable business, providing forward-looking sustainable solutions to the firm’s clients, and promoting stewardship of the environment, our communities and employee-owners.

In 2007, ESA made a commitment to integrate sustainability into its operations – of reducing impacts and “walking the talk.” By identifying sustainability as a core value and an essential element to ESA’s long-term success, the firm published its 2010 Sustainability Plan. The plan outlined objectives to incorporate environmental considerations into all levels of business operations: from purchasing to facility site selection, from mentoring staff to guiding our clients towards sustainable project solutions. The plan and subsequent firmwide actions were approved by ESA’s Board of Directors and championed by the ESA Green team and the firm’s Sustainability Committee.

ESA’s 2010/11 Sustainability Report measures the firm’s two-year progress and further promotes its commitment to being a long-lasting company, pursuing work that matters within a vibrant employee-ownership culture.


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