Cameron Turner, PhD
Cameron Turner

Dr. Cameron Turner is a biological scientist who manages all aspects of large collaborative projects, creating and leading teams of scientists to address complex questions, develop novel approaches, and meet rigorous standards. He has worked closely with diverse stakeholders to implement science-driven solutions for a range of clients including local, state, and federal governments, utilities, corporations, and NGOs.

Cameron has over 12 years of experience investigating organisms and ecosystems to solve environmental challenges. His expertise encompasses genetics, aquatic ecology, animal behavior, and fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology. He specializes in environmental DNA (eDNA) detection of organisms for environmental compliance, conservation, and ecosystem monitoring. This technical craft ranges from laboratory research and development to field application, data analysis and interpretation, and coordination with regulatory agencies.

Cameron holds a Doctor of Philosophy in molecular ecology from the University of Notre Dame, a Master of Science in evolution, ecology, and behavior from Indiana University, and a Bachelor of Science in integrative biology from Brigham Young University. He is also a member of the Society for Freshwater Science and the American Fisheries Society.

September 4, 2019

Environmental DNA in a Regulatory and Operational Landscape

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is DNA collected from the environment—water, soil, and air—rather than directly from an organism. All organisms add DNA to their environment by excreting waste, shedding, decomposing, etc. Since short stretches of DNA contain information that identifies species and populations, genetic testing of environmental samples can reveal the presence of animals and plants nearby.

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