We are excited to be at the APA California Virtual Conference September 14-16. This year’s APA CA Conference is centered around the theme of “State of Change.”

There will be plenty of thought-provoking topics to enjoy, and we hope you will join us for two ESA-sponsored events.

Many ESA employees are planning to attend, including Leslie Moulton-Post, Dan Dameron, Beverly Choi, Mary Laux, Jeff Caton, Evan Wasserman, Reema Shakra, Brian Boxer, and others and we would love to connect with you.

Environmental Justice and Increasing Diversity in the Environmental and Planning Professions
Sponsored by ESA and Ascent

Monday, September 14 at 2:00–3:00 PM
Speakers: Leslie Moulton-Post (ESA), Gary Jakobs, Jennifer Haddow, Joe Monaco

From the conference program: Panelists will discuss the merits and unforeseen circumstances of including environmental justice (EJ) in the CEQA process, how local agencies are handling through the General Plan process, how NEPA addresses EJ, how to implement it successfully and measurably, increasing litigation and the cascade of other social and economic impacts.

ESA has a sponsored booth time on Tuesday, September 15 at 1:00–2:00 PM. The ESA attendees will be there and are looking forward to connecting with you, our APA CA friends and colleagues.

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