Jennifer has more than 20 years of professional experience and a reputation for customer service and client satisfaction. She focuses exclusively on water and wastewater clients and projects throughout Southern and Central California and has a successful record of completion of CEQA, CEQA-Plus, and NEPA documents; natural resource permits; and regulatory processes and approvals.

Jennifer has managed a full spectrum of water projects, including treatment plants and distribution systems, IPR and recycled water projects, and groundwater management projects. As a scientist with foundational training in ecology and resource management, she has a keen ability to communicate with ESA technical team leaders and staff to ensure appropriate and relevant analyses across all disciplines. Jennifer also has experience working with clients’ engineering design teams, to understand project features and operational criteria, and transcribe technical specifications into language that is accessible to the public for CEQA/NEPA documents. In addition, she has published scientific articles in the field of fisheries and aquatic ecology.