Dustin Swenson is an environmental compliance manager with more than 10 years of experience performing air quality, stormwater, geologic, and natural and cultural resources monitoring for diverse projects throughout Southern California.

Dustin’s broad background began with a degree in urban planning and water resource management from University of California, Irvine. From there, he worked for the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project microbiology and toxicology laboratories to investigate the epidemiological impacts of bacterial/viral counts on recreational swimming in Southern California.  He then spent three years working as a GIS Specialist and Field Ecologist for the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, where he served as a carnivore expert to document and track the movement patterns of mountain lions, bobcats, raptors, and coyotes along the wildland-urban interface.

In 2011, he moved on to study Aquatic Ecology at Lund University in Sweden. Once there, he then began working on a number of EU-funded initiatives including coastal resource management, climate change mitigation, advanced wastewater treatment technologies, and business development in the near-coast and off-shore environments. He also served as a spokesman and guest speaker at several dozen presentations, workshops, and conferences for the Marine Center in Simrishamn while operating an independent consulting business. This business primarily worked with regional and local governments to establish master plan supplements for climate change and coastal zone management to satisfy newly created EU legislation. After spending seven years in Sweden, Dustin returned home to Southern California and worked in geology, cultural resource management, and eventually environmental compliance.

Dustin provides offers his multidisciplinary background on every project he touches, creating a stronger, full spectrum environmental compliance program at ESA.