Chris Sequeira

Chris provides expert advice on aircraft noise and air emissions modeling and public engagement, leveraging his years of experience as a researcher and policymaker at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Headquarters in Washington, DC.

1. What is your favorite ESA moment/memory so far?
I attended the Southeast Region's holiday party on December 6th. The Region hosted an awards ceremony to honor the hard work that staff put in every day. I was so happy to see the diversity in backgrounds, skill sets, and personalities that ESA has.

2. What does it mean to you to be part of an employee-owned company?
It means that everything I do directly helps everyone else here at ESA!

3. What has been your favorite job in your career and why?
My favorite job has been my role as the Technical Director of the John F. Kennedy International Airport noise study and the Deputy Director of the LaGuardia Airport noise study, right here at ESA. These are two of the largest noise studies in aviation history, and I've had the opportunity to have great interactions with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and community members about aircraft noise.

Chris Sequeira Motorcycle
Chris participated in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, an annual global fundraiser for men's health. New York City fielded 700 riders and raised over $200,000 – the largest amount raised worldwide in 2019.​

4. What keeps you coming to work here at ESA every day?
Knowing that my expertise and viewpoints really make a positive difference for our clients.

5. What is your hidden talent?
I develop black and white photo film using Bustelo coffee and laundry detergent!

6. What's your favorite thing to do when you are out of the office?
I like to ride my motorcycle. The New York City motorcycle community has thousands of riders and is hugely diverse.

7. What are three skills that you bring to the ESA team? In other words, what should colleages know to reach out to you about?

  • Aircraft noise modeling
  • Environmental values
  • Community Engagement
Current Role
Senior Project Manager

Employee-Owner Since

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