Treasure Island Stormwater Quality Plan and Wetland Design Image

Treasure Island Community Development is leading the redevelopment of the former Bay Area Naval Base. The development plan is one of the most sustainable in the history of San Francisco, with a commitment to public transit-oriented design, creation of open space, habitat creation, and low impact stormwater design.

ESA is assisting a larger team in developing a sustainable stormwater quality plan that reduces non-point source pollution. Our staff is designing a multi-benefit freshwater wetland on the island that will create valuable wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities as well as treating runoff. ESA is working closely with designers and the City of San Francisco to produce a stormwater quality management plan that integrates with the goals of the project, namely creating a sustainable, dense, walkable urban space that aspires to meet the objectives of low impact development.

ESA is providing design assistance and hydrology expertise to sustainably redevelop the former Bay Area Naval Base.

Specialized Services

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Low impact development
  • Water conservation and reuse