Riverside Restorative Growthprint

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With a major University of California campus in town, a publicly owned power and water utility, and an entrepreneurial local business climate, the City of Riverside is well positioned to become a leader in the new low-carbon economy. To harness the City’s potential and gain momentum in the right direction, ESA worked with the City to develop the Riverside Restorative Growthprint (RRG).

ESA prepared the RRG to embody the City’s commitment to environmental quality, equity, and economic prosperity. The RRG consists of two interrelated plans: one that addresses local economic prosperity and one that reduces community greenhouse gas emissions. While other cities have embarked on similar efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the development of an economic plan in conjunction with a climate action plan is an innovative approach that promotes sustainable growth. UC Riverside and the local business community were key partners in the project. Through stakeholder engagement, cost-benefit analysis, and a deep understanding of the innovation economy, the RRG resulted in strategies, measures, and actions that will reduce emissions and foster a resilient local economy.

With the RRG, the City hopes to inspire sustainable economic development while reducing community greenhouse gas emissions through investment in urban development, infrastructure, mobility systems, and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, Riverside wants to be a prime location for clean-tech investors and “green” businesses that can help reduce emissions locally while pursuing opportunity in the rapidly growing global market for low-carbon technologies.

The RRG’s success has been recognized with two regional awards in 2016 for sustainable achievements in green community planning—one from the Southern California Association of Governments and another from the Inland Empire Section of the American Planning Association.

Specialized Services

  • California AB 32, SB 32 and SB 375 compliance
  • Community outreach programs
  • Greenhouse gas inventories, mitigation, and emissions reduction