FEMA Guidelines for Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping

ESA was integral to the evaluation and update of FEMA's Guidelines and Specifications for mapping of coastal flood hazards for the Pacific Coast of the United States.

ESA worked collaboratively to conduct several focus studies to support the development of FEMA's Guidelines. One study evaluated alternative means to characterize the 0.01 annual probability coastal flood event (aka, the 100-year event), in terms of joint occurrence of high wind waves and high water levels. Another study evaluated alternative methods for calculating wind wave generation typically used in sheltered waters such as San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound.

ESA was critical to revising FEMA guidelines for the mapping of coastal hazards on the Pacific Coast. This information is now widely used as a resource by owners, agencies and consultants to guide coastal development.

Specialized Services

  • Coastal flood forecasting
  • Floodplain mapping
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling