Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan for Southern Monterey Bay Image

Along the California coast, human development and alterations are impacting natural processes and sediment supply, exacerbating coastal erosion problems. The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, including Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, teamed with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup to manage and fund a study of the severe erosion in southern Monterey Bay. They were interested in a system-wide approach to identify sediment sources and implementation strategies to ensure future sediment delivery.

ESA's team prepared a Regional Sedimentation Plan to provide guidance and policy recommendations to reduce beach erosion in Monterey County. Staff researched available data to assess areas of critical coastal erosion, locate potential sources of sediment to counteract erosion, evaluate physical and chemical compatibility of potential sediment sources at critically eroding receiver sites, and assess the presence of sensitive species and habitats, evaluating mitigation measures to minimize impacts as needed. ESA conducted a relative cost/benefit analysis for using the potential sediment sources for beach nourishment. The team outlined permitting requirements and assessed the cost and potential funding sources for beach nourishment material.

ESA provided regional coastal management agencies with a set of policy, management, and project recommendations to reduce beach erosion, identifying sediment sources and physical and ecological constraints to minimize impacts while promoting recreation and tourism.

Specialized Services

  • Coastal flood forecasting
  • Community and ecosystem adaptation plans
  • General plans, comprehensive plans, and community plans
  • Geomorphic assessments
  • Regional sediment management plans
  • Sea level rise adaptation studies and vulnerability assessments
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Shoreline and coastal plans
  • Shoreline management plans
  • Shoreline master program updates
  • Special status species surveys and inventories