City of Martinez Climate Action Plan Image

As a coastal community, the City of Martinez is vulnerable to the effects of climate change including sea level rise and increased flooding.

ESA worked closely with City staff, City Council, and the community of Martinez to prepare a comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP) to chart a path that reduces carbon emissions and adapts to the effects of a changing climate. We refined and verified an existing city-wide greenhouse gas inventory and drafted a framework document outlining goals and conceptual strategies for targeting emission reductions. Along with teaming partner Town-Green, ESA conducted a series of public workshops that engaged the community in formulating specific strategies and programs for carbon reduction and climate change adaptation. ESA and Town-Green also launched an interactive project website ( to serve as an online forum to educate and involve interested residents and businesses in the planning process.

ESA's final adopted CAP includes programs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the City's limited financial resources and leveraging existing City programs and plans. Vehicle emissions, energy consumption, solid waste generation, and water use were examined as well as exploring means of shifting to greater use of renewable energy and resources.

Specialized Services

  • California AB 32, SB 32 and SB 375 compliance
  • Carbon management and mitigation
  • Carbon offset and sequestration program design and documentation
  • Community and ecosystem adaptation plans
  • Community outreach programs
  • Greenhouse gas inventories, mitigation, and emissions reduction
  • Inventories and reporting
  • Project website; social media management and communication materials development
  • Sea level rise adaptation studies and vulnerability assessments
  • Traffic and parking studies
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Zero waste strategies and programs