Auburn School Park Preserve: Lincoln Creek Restoration Image

Auburn School Park Preserve is located within the developed portions of northern California's City of Auburn. Restoration of Lincoln Creek, which was formerly piped through the park, has become the central feature for a visionary downtown multi-use park and preserve.

ESA engineered plans for removal of the existing culvert and designed a stable, regionally and geomorphically appropriate channel for Lincoln Creek. The daylighted channel features comprehensive realignment, in-stream structures including riffle-pools and step-pools, biotechnical bank stabilization, and integration with other park elements including an amphitheatre, trails, interpretive signs, and programs. ESA designed areas adjacent to the stream to flood during high flow events, thereby providing detention storage onsite. This may reduce peak flow rates downstream, helping the City to meet a secondary objective in reducing downstream flood hazards. The restored creek segment considers physical processes including hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology, biological processes including aquatic and riparian habitat enhancement, and integration with other project elements.

ESA planned the removal of the existing Lincoln Creek culvert and designed the final daylighting of a stable, regionally and geomorphically appropriate creek channel that is a community asset, integrated with its surroundings.

Specialized Services

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling