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  • 06.02.2014

    ESA Moves San Diego Office Downtown

    Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading California environmental consulting firm, has moved its San Diego office from 9191 Towne Centre Drive closer to public transit in the heart of downtown at 550 West C Street, Suite 750. Nearly 20 planners, scientists, biologists, engineers, and cultural resources specialists will occupy 6,000 square feet of class A office space.

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  • 05.22.2014

    Tom Taylor Joins ESA as Principal Technical Associate

    Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading California environmental consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Thomas Taylor has joined our Sacramento office as a Principal Technical Associate and Senior Fisheries Biologist.

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  • 04.08.2014

    Wetlands and Water Resources, Inc. Join ESA

    Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading West Coast-based environmental science and planning firm, announced that on April 1, 2014, Wetlands and Water Resources, Inc. (WWR) has joined ESA. WWR is a San Rafael, California-based professional restoration design firm specializing in wetlands restoration and natural resource management. The merger supports ESA’s strategy to further deepen our strategic and technical expertise in ecosystem restoration, regulatory compliance, environmental policy planning, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and applied science.

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  • 04.03.2014

    Douglas Robison, PWS and David Tomasko, PhD Join ESA’s Southeast Biological Resources Team

    Environmental Science Associates (ESA) is pleased to announce that Douglas Robison, PWS and David Tomasko, PhD have joined the firm as Principal Associates in the Florida Biological Resources and Land Management Group. Doug and Dave will work with clients to provide solutions for environmental compliance, restoration, permitting, and special status species from ESA’s Tampa office.

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  • 03.28.2014

    Brian Boxer, AICP Promoted to Community Development Practice Leader


    Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading California environmental consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Brian Boxer, AICP has been promoted to Community Development Practice Leader. Brian will lead the firm's core business practice with more than 50 planners and technical specialists throughout the West Coast.

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  • 03.26.2014

    ESA Connects | "Patton's Playground," the Gulf RESTORE Act, and Hands-On General Planning

    ESA Connects is quarterly newsletter to inform clients, teaming partners and friends about the latest work that matters, integrated solutions, regulatory and funding updates, and our growing team of experts.

    In this inagural March 2014 edition check out: 

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  • 03.04.2014

    New “Blue Carbon” study illustrates the climate benefits of restoring tidal wetland habitat in the Snohomish Estuary

    Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading west coast environmental consulting firm, recently completed a landmark study demonstrating the climate change benefits of “blue carbon” tidal wetland restoration. Carbon-based greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. The study found that functioning tidal wetlands actually store carbon, removing it from the atmosphere and from causing further environmental harm.

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  • 02.07.2014

    Landmark Study Demonstrates Climate Benefits of Estuary Restoration

    Contact: Steve Emmett-Mattox
    Phone: 720.300.3139

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  • 01.28.2014

    Efforts Continue to Reduce Waste at Airports

    A major airport resembles a small city in many respects. A wide range of activities are constantly taking place, with many commercial transactions that produce waste: paper, plastics, food and beverages, construction debris…the list goes on. The FAA has recognized that to improve the sustainability of airport functions, these waste streams should be reduced. This was reinforced when Congress passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2102, which includes the requirement for certain FAA-funded projects that “if the project is for an airport that has an

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  • 01.28.2014

    Collaborating with the Community, Airlines, and Federal Aviation Administration to Address Aircraft Noise Concerns

    Although aircraft engines have become quieter and quieter thanks to technological advancements, some communities near airports continue to express concerns about aircraft noise. Increases in aircraft operations, changes in flight corridor locations and density, and changes in the aircraft fleet mix may increase community concerns. Airport/Community Noise Roundtables are one forum for openly collaborating and addressing noise issues.

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